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Mercury Capital Partners Team


Charles W. Banta - 42 Years Media Experience
President, Mercury Capital Partners. Between his two years at Harvard Business School, Mr. Banta worked for Time, Inc. developing a cable TV strategy for the company. Time Warner became one of the largest cable TV companies in the U.S.  In 1974 he co-founded Community Pacific Broadcasting which was based in Monterey, CA and which owned radio stations in Alaska, Washington State, Oregon and California. In 1989 Mr. Banta ran Rich Communications based in Buffalo, NY. In 1990 he became Group Head of Greater Media's radio division, the 10th largest radio group in the U.S. at the time, overseeing stations in Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Long Island, Washington D.C. and Boston. In 1994 Mr. Banta founded Mercury Capital Partners I, acquired major market radio stations via Mercury Radio Communications, and exited successfully at peak valuations multiple communications in 2000. Subsequently Mercury Capital Partners has made a variety of traditional and non-traditional media investments in five other funds. Mr. Banta also has a 32 year track record in profitably trading in IGW wines (Investment Grade Wines).  Mr. Banta received his BA from Yale University (Magna Cum Laude) in 1970 and his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1972.


Sandra A. Miller - 42 Years Media Experience
Controller and Principal of Mercury Capital Partners.  She has been employed in the media business for over 42 years. Ms. Miller worked as Business Manager at a variety of radio groups from 1971 to 1977. Ms. Miller was the Business Manager at WUTV-TV in Buffalo, NY, from 1977 to 1986. Ms. Miller served as the Controller for Singer Advertising, a major regional advertising agency based in Buffalo, NY, between 1987 and 1989. In 1989 she was hired by Mr. Banta as Controller of WGR-AM/ WGRF-FM in Buffalo, NY, owned by Rich Communications. In 1995 Ms. Miller was again hired by Mr. Banta as Controller of Mercury Radio Communications. In 2000 Ms. Miller became a Principal of Mercury Capital Partners. Ms. Miller received her BA from Niagara University in 1985 where she majored in Accounting.


C. Teo Balbach - 24 Years Media/Tech Experience - Operating Partner
Mr. Balbach started his career in the Harvard Economics department, doing research with Department Chairman Dale Jorgenson. He subsequently joined Kenan Systems (sold to Lucent for $1.3B) in Boston, developing expert systems, custom software applications, and telecommunications billing systems. During his business school summer, Mr. Balbach worked as a Program Manager for Microsoft and participated in shipping Windows NT 4.0. After business school, he managed music industry sales for Reciprocal, a SoftBank Group company and a pioneer in Digital Rights Management and secure digital media distribution. Mr. Balbach joined Mercury Capital Partners in 2001 and was responsible for digital media initiatives. Mr. Balbach earned his BA (Magna Cum Laude) in economics from Harvard University in 1991, and his MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth in 1997.


Allan I. Grafman
Advisor to Mercury Capital Partners III. Mr. Grafman's expertise includes media, distribution software and content enterprises, domestic and international, public and private. Mr. Grafman received a BA (Phi Beta Kappa) from Indiana University and an MBA (Beta Gamma Sigma honors) from Columbia University.  Mr. Grafman's work experiences includes such companies as Capital Cities/ABC, Hallmark Entertainment, Modelwire, AllMedia Ventures, and Archie Comics Entertainment.

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