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As an example of our investment approach, here are some examples of our currently active investments:

Principle Broadcasting, LLC is focused on acquiring AM and/or FM radio stations at low prices and coverting them into an ethnic brokered time model. Principle leases time to various ethnic and religious groups. Principle successfully operates radio stations in Boston (WJDA-AM/WESX-AM), New York City (WLIE-AM), Dallas (KFCD-AM/KHSE-AM), San Jose Bay Area Market, CA (KLOK-AM and KSJO-FM).

Principle Broadcasting Network Track Record >>


Million Dollar Media, LLC is a full service promotions and marketing company that specializes in "insured contests" and "sweepstakes programs."


Big Tent Entertainment, LLC is a license and brand management company. Big Tent is the American and European rights holder for Domo, the Japanese viral sensation. Domo originally started out as a mascot for NHK, the large Japanese television broadcaster. Domo's popularity has exploded on the Internet, and Domo has participated in several promotions with large companies including Target, 7-11, Spencer Gifts, and Hot Topic. Domo can be found throughout the Web in user generated content and art, and he can also be found at Domonation and various Domo Facebook sites. Big Tent is also the licensing agency for Discovery Kids, the premier children's educational science brand. A wide array of Discovery Kids products are sold at retailers across North America.


PixFusion is a personalized entertainment company. PixFusion sells a suite of pre-school video products at its Kideo site.  Kideo DVDs are sold through distributors around the world. At, the company also sells a family of personalized comic strips including Dilbert and Garfield. PixFusion has the authoritative patent library in the personalized entertainment space, and it has licensed this intellectual property portfolio to a wide array of companies.


Three Rings Design is based in San Francisco and is a social games company. Their first title Puzzle Pirates was one of the earliest massive multi player online games and it still remains a very vibrant franchise. The company has subsequently shipped several other titles, including Whirled, Bang Howdy, and the Facebook game BiteMe. The company has recently released a new title, Spiral Knights as part of a joint venture with Sega. The company has also recently announced a joint venture with BBC in which it will develop a new online game around the BBC's legacy character, Doctor Who.

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