Mercury Capital Partners

Mercury Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on investments in the traditional and non-traditional/digital media industries. Mercury has made investments in privately held companies and publicly owned equities. One of the differentiating factors from other private equity firms is that Mercury Capital Partners' principals not only have an investment track record with these industry sectors, but they also have direct operating experience in many of these businesses.

Mercury Capital Partners typically makes individual investments between $2 million and $20 million dollars in a wide variety of media businesses. Mercury will often act as the lead investor in an investment round, will often have a controlling interest in its investments, and will often actively manage its investments.

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KFWB-AM, Los Angeles

Mercury Capital Partners sold KFWB-AM to Lotus Communications. The deal closed on 3/7/17.

KLOK-AM, San Francisco Bay Area

Mercury Capital Partners sold KLOK-AM to Vien Thao Radio.  The deal closed on 5/31/17.  KLOK-AM tower site in Silicon Valley sold to Hunter/Storm LLC land developers.  The deal closed on 6/15/17.


KSJO-FM, San Jose

Mercury Capital Partners signs an Asset Purchase Agreement to acquire KSJO-FM (San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland Bay Area, CA market) from Clear Channel in 2011.