Case Study: Big Tent Entertainment
Big Tent Entertainment

Big Tent Entertainment is a licensing and brand management company with three area of focus: character brand mangement, licensing services for third party brands, and personalized products and services. 


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Mercury Capital Partners

Mercury Capital Partners is a private equity firm focused on investments in the traditional and non-traditional media industries.  Mercury also invests in alternative assets.  The firm's principals have many decades of experience with traditional media and digital media companies, tower companies, advertising and promotion companies, and intellectual property companies.  One of the differentiating factors from other private equity firms is that Mercury Capital Partners' principals not only have an investment track record with these industry sectors, but they also have direct operating experience in many of these industries.



Mercury Capital Partners typically invests between $2 million and $10 million dollars in a wide variety of media investments.  Mercury will typically invest larger amounts in its owned and operated ethnic brokered time radio stations.  Mercury will often act as the lead investor in an investment round and will often have a controlling interest in its investments. 

The Mercury team has been working together for an extended period of time, initially formed as part of the successful Mercury I investments in 1995. 

Mercury takes an active role in most of it investments, either advising or actively involved in budgeting, strategy, finance, and all significant aspects of the business. 

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